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B.R. Lively 



      Eager to trade a rooted, restless life at home for new horizons, indie-folk songwriter B.R. Lively decided to hit the road last summer…for good. Leaving town in a renovated 1991 Winnebago named Joanie, he began making his way across the country, playing shows during his nightly pit stops.

      It was a new way of life — a whirlwind of blue skies, campsites, national parks, state routes, driveways, and mile markers, with new landscapes flashing by the windshield at highway speed. Lively felt transfixed, transformed, inspired. He'd literally unplugged himself from his world back home, now living in a cozy, minimal house on wheels equipped with solar paneled electricity. Along the way, he finished writing songs for his first solo album, Into the Blue.

      Released on October 6th, 2017, Into the Blue is a cinematic record rooted in folk music, Southern Gothic soul, and the therapeutic rush of the open road. There are sweeping string arrangements, folk anthems, Motown-inspired rhythms, Nick Drake-worthy acoustic guitars, and slow, stripped-down ballads. At the center of the mix is Lively himself: a self-taught singer and multi-instrumentalist who isn't afraid to shine a light on the lessons learned during his physical and spiritual journey.

      No newcomer to the stage, Lively launched his career as a teenager in Dallas, Texas, cutting his teeth with a string of club gigs in Deep Ellum. He headed east after graduation, settling in Athens, GA, to attend college and broaden his horizons. Several years later, Into the Blue finds him returning to central Texas, where he recorded the album's 11 songs alongside producer Gordy Quist (the frontman of Texas' own Band of Heathens), longtime friend Thomas Avery (who wrote and recorded the album's lush string arrangements), and Band of Heathens members Scott Davis and Richard Millsap. The most electric, nuanced project of his career, Into the Blue turns Lively's experiences — both at home and on the road — into what he proudly calls a "sonic journey of spirit."

      "The past year and a half has been a time of immense self-discovery," says Lively, who also took songwriting inspiration from a messy breakup. "I've focused on finding a more conscious way to live in this world with awareness, integrity, and respect for other people, myself, and the Earth. Suffering can be a catalyst for change, and for me, getting my heart broken gave me the opportunity to deepen the relationship with myself and explore the openness of a renewed and transformed mind within my music and my life."

      Tracks like "Oh These Eyes," "Lonesome," and "Minute by Minute" are rooted in the breakup itself, while "Summertime Sky," "Free Of," and "Are We In It For the Gold?" find Lively making perceptions about the world at large. The result is an album that's both intimately personal and widely universal. Released independently, Into the Blue marks a new chapter in a story that's still unfolding, offering up melodic plot twists, sympathetic characters, and a narrator who doubles as one of the folk scene's most promising up-and-comers.



upcoming performances:



B.R. Lively @ House Concert - Austin, TX


B.R. Lively @ The Prophet Bar - Dallas, TX (w/ Claudia Gibson and Danny Sohn)                                            {For tickets click HERE}


B.R. Lively @ Hole In The Wall - Austin, TX


B.R. Lively @ Common Grounds - Waco, TX


B.R. Lively @ Kung Fu Necktie - Philadelphia, PA (w/ John Beacher, Beaucoup Blue, and Whiskeyhickon Boys)     {For tickets click HERE}


B.R. Lively @ The Paper Box - Brooklyn, NY (w/ Statue Still, Bill Scorzari, Lizzie No, and The Travelers)             {For tickets click HERE}


B.R. Lively @ The Foundation Room - Boston, MA


B.R. Lively @ Outer Space (Ballroom) - New Haven, CT


B.R. Lively @ Rockwood Music Hall - Manhattan, NY


B.R. Lively @ Boulder Coffee Co - Rochester, NY


B.R. Lively @ House Concert - St. Louis, MO


B.R. Lively @ Prophet Bar - Dallas, TX (w/ Tow'rs and Zach Winters)                                                          {For tickets click HERE}


B.R. Lively @ Mohawk - Austin, TX [w/ The Hard Truth and Gordy Quist (Band of Heathens)]


B.R. Lively @ Love & War in Texas - Plano, TX (w/ The Powell Brothers)




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photo ~ Ryan Myers

photo ~ Ryan Myers

First Listen: B.R. Lively releases jazzy new single "Summertime Sky"

  • Tanis Smither
  • Sept 22, 2017

It is nice, for a change, to encounter music that is truly devoid of electronics. B.R. Lively went back to his Texas roots to record his latest album, and in his latest single "Summertime Sky",  incorporates jazzy chords, a dreamy swaying-with-the-trees feel and horns in lieu of the current indie trend of drum pads and atmospheric white noise. "Summertime Sky" will make up for the veritable lack of Jack Johnson-type, feel-good folk on the airwaves at the moment.

Of the single, B.R. relays:

It’s a celebration of being outside, of enjoying the fullness of nature in a respectful way. It’s easy to get caught up in the busyness of our heads and devices, but there is something about the simplicity of nature that is healing. She can be scary at times, but we’ve got each other and the storms will pass. As with everything in life, there is a natural balance and a lot we can learn if we are open.

UGA graduate B.R. Lively talks musical growth since Athens and upcoming album

  • The Red & Black (Athens, GA)
  • Anna Haas
  • Sep 9, 2017

University of Georgia graduate B.R. Lively has been involved in music since he first picked up an electric guitar at age 13 and started learning AC/DC songs while simultaneously writing his own lyrics. The following year he started learning the acoustic guitar and began playing around town. It wasn’t until Lively reached Athens that he started playing in bands.

A winding path

Lively, originally from Texas, was drawn to UGA because of its music scene and a good academic program relating to the music industry. During his undergrad, Lively majored in marketing and earned a certificate in music business – directed by David Barbe, a leading figure in the Athens music scene.

While in Athens, Lively played in several bands. His cover band Bleakers evolved into a funk blues jam band that wrote its own music and was rechristened to New Sneakers. From New Sneakers, Lively moved to a band with his friend Thomas Avery, and they made a record with David Barbe as an acoustic folk group called Night and Day.

After graduating from UGA in 2012, Lively stayed in Athens for a year playing with Night and Day. In 2013 Lively relocated back to Texas, this transition from Athens to Austin led to an Americana, roots band Northern Quarters.

Of his winding musical journey, Lively expressed.

“[It is] very long and very eclectic, but I finally feel like I found a place where it feels more like home,” Lively said.

Once back in Texas, a combination of circumstance and personal willpower led Lively to set up a tour for himself from Texas to California. Planning a road trip to visit his sisters in Denver and San Francisco during the summer of 2015, Lively decided to add in some tour dates along his route. Receiving a positive response at these shows, he began to add more and the tour built from there.

This tour was set up under the name B.R. Lively – Bryan is his first name, Lively is his grandmother’s maiden name and his grandfather’s name being R.P. Lively, B.R. has kept a familial name connection while making his own easier to pronounce. Significantly, it is also evocative of a particular spirit.

“I love the name Lively, just cause the word, the name it invokes such . . . purity with me,” said Lively.

Later in 2015, Lively toured again, but this time going east to New York again receiving a positive response to his music.

“There was something about being on the road by myself that really triggered something within me that I fell in love with, and the road turned into something that became very meditative for me,” said Lively.

Awakening in Austin

Still, Lively views his touring as an experiment. When he was in Austin, Lively decided to let go of his possessions, move into a Winnebago and without any commitments tying him down– decided to go on tour just him and his dog.

On tour, Lively is trying to make music life work, and see if it can be his full-time job. He is balancing multiple roles at once such as booking performances and planning a tour through trial and error, being his own support team and handling the technical business side of his profession. All the while gaining experience as a performer.

On tour, Lively has been playing songs off his forthcoming album “Into the Blue” which was recorded at Treefort Studios in Austin, Texas with producer Gordy Quist of Band of Heathens. Lively and Quist met at one of Quist’s acoustic shows and during a coffee meeting found that they have a similar approach to writing and perspective of music. Quist expressed an interest in producing and Lively had songs ready to record, so their work together fell into place. Quist chose to record at Treefort Studios, and this location ended up being full of character that could diffuse into the music.

“That’s what I wanted to bring to this record, just raw character because they songs come from such a raw and emotional place,” said Lively.

The studio space mirrored the rawness Lively wanted in his album which he feared a sparkly studio would diminish. Going into recording without expectations, the process unfolded organically and Lively’s focus was on being present in the moment.

“I’m trying to learn to let it be, and let it be as organic as possible,” said Lively of his creative process.

Throughout his musical career, Lively has experimented with sound going from funk to folk to jazz. Always exploring and learning, Lively has a diverse background. However, an acoustic sound is what first opened a new world to him.

“The acoustic sound to me I feel like is where it really took hold of my writing and really my creativity really came out, at first,” said Lively.

With these origins, it is fitting that Lively’s first solo album is rooted in an acoustic sound.

“[Throughout my career] I kept coming back in touch with the acoustic guitar and writing, that um it was natural for me to, you know, my first solo record to come out in a more of a songwriter-centered record. That’s where I’m feeling an emotional and soul connection,” said Lively.

The name of Lively’s album “Into the Blue” derives from multiple sources – his personal experiences, its connection to nature, and musical influences. The title is directly drawn from the chorus of "The Blue," the first track on the album. Being the first track then, as the listener enters the album, so they go "into the blue." Beyond the album’s contents, Lively said it was fitting that the album title should have the color blue in it as that color bears particular significance for him.

“’Into the Blue’ is, to me, walking into this unknown, getting rid of all my stuff, getting into a camper, going out there and just trying to just do something,” said Lively.

It represents stripping away all that is unnecessary, and keeping only what was most important which to Lively is his relationships and music. It’s about being fluid and flexible and letting go.

“Strip everything away, and go out there and do something new and something that will be unfamiliar, be insecure, and see what happens. And trust that,” said Lively.

Beyond this personal meaning and motivation, the title “Into the Blue” also reflects the importance of the color blue to Lively. Blue represents the sky and water, and its connection to nature. Even some of Lively’s favorite records incorporate the word blue like “Kind of Blue” by Miles Davis and “Way to Blue” by Nick Drake.

At the moment, Lively's favorite track off his upcoming album is “Oh These Eyes.” Written the day after his girlfriend broke up with him for someone else, it is full of emotion. Yet, in this situation he still saw a hopeful side, and this song encompasses that. Lively describes the song as having a somber beginning that progresses to a releasing outro – a moment of liberation.

Lively has grown significantly as an artist since his AC/DC cover days and recording his songs on cassette tapes. However, every part of his journey has shaped his current sound.

“[Athens] will forever be a part of my growth as a musician and a person, and I’m thankful for that,” said Lively.

Lively plans to go on tour this fall off the release of his album's on Oct. 6. He was in Athens this past May and hopes to visit again on tour this November. Now, Lively is looking to the future, excited to put this record out and take the next step.

photo ~ Ryan Myers

photo ~ Ryan Myers

photo ~ Alec Soth

photo ~ Alec Soth

PREMIERE: B.R. Lively releases music video for “Into The Blue,” announces new album

  • Substream Magazine
  • Lucy Binetti
  • Aug 24, 2017

Throw Ryan Adams and Gregory Alan Isakov’s vocals with Sufjan Stevens’ instrumentation in a mixing bowl, whisk it together, and out would come indie folk artist, B.R. Lively. A self-taught singer and multi-instrumentalist, Lively has always longed for a simplified and quiet lifestyle, and last summer, he finally took the leap. Escaping the noise that surrounded him, Lively sold the majority of his belongings, purchased a 1991 Winnebago by the name of Joanie, and made his way across the country.

The new environment and unplugged life led to a journey of self discovery and allowed Lively to create music that was extremely personal. While on the road, Lively hit the studio to record his first solo album titled Into The Blue, which will be released on October 6. An 11-track album inspired by human connection and the therapeutic rush of the open road, Into The Blue was recorded at Treefort Studios with producer Gordy Quist (Band of Heathens frontman) and chronicles a journey of growth, acting as an awakening and an invitation. 

Today, we are happy to bring you the premiere of the music video for the album’s title track. In this stunning, stripped down performance of “Into The Blue,” Lively hypnotizes listeners with a sound that is effortless while bringing fans in the studio for a glimpse of how the album came to be.

Speaking about the song and video, Lively told us:

“This song is my confession. I reached a turning point after loss and heartbreak allowed a glimpse into a deeper state of consciousness, a place of complete peace. I wanted to stay, but it quickly became clear that my own selfish, indulgent habits stood in the way. This song is a way for me to confront these things in order to move past them. It is an attempt and a journey to dive into this new reality with the purest intentions.”